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From kinksters in sexy catsuits to ’80s glam rockers, latex outfits are a major part of looking hot and attractive. Wearing them is simply a fantastic feeling. Even if most normies would associate these garments with feeling too hot and sweaty, that’s just not true. Actually, latex pieces adjust to human bodies and their temperatures after a couple of minutes.

As such, they feel pretty comfortable to wear, unlike denim and other types of fabric we usually dress in. Moreover, when wearing a tight latex outfit, you might feel like you’re naked, which is more than awesome, we’d say.

Anyway, allow us to explain in detail why latex costumes are so good and why you should try them out at some point.

Latex costumes are more durable

What makes an outfit worth your hard-earned money? Is it its looks or how the current fashion trends perceive it? Well, both those factors are important. However, there’s something called durability, and in our eyes, it’s what comes first.

Aside from being fashionable and a perfect alternative to leather, latex is a rather durable material. Indeed, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear, which isn’t something you can say about some other materials.

Although latex isn’t indestructible like, let’s say, rubber, it’s one of the firmest materials that you can come up with. And if you add to this its capability to be molded into almost any shape and design out there, well, you’ve got yourself a perfect combo.

Latex costumes are eco-friendly

These days, we’re nothing short of media reports on ecology and how critical it is to use recyclable materials if we want to save the planet. But this concern for our environment doesn’t just stop with air pollution, rainforests, and plastic bottles in the ocean. Being aware of our surroundings has much to do with the fashion industry too.

Luckily, latex is an eco-friendly material. Even if most of us don’t think about it in this way, and we relate outfits made from it to fetishism, latex is good for ecology and is ethical. For example, leather costumes, in comparison to latex, kill animals, viscose and rayon mean cutting down trees, and some other materials use plastic too. Latex is simply none of that.

Latex costumes are fancy

Recently, more and more fashion designers have begun to realize how cool and fancy latex costumes can look. Moreover, high-fashion catwalks are full of models wearing outfits made from it. And in a similar trend, pop stars and celebrities wear latex clothing on red carpets all the time — from Lady Gaga and Katy Perry to Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that latex costumes are nothing short of fancy. They’re not just your run-of-the-mill sleazy outfits that you see in kinky porn and sexploitation B movies. Latex has a genuine quality to it, and if smartly designed, it can challenge vintage materials like silk and leather just fine. Actually, we wouldn’t be surprised if latex overtakes the future of both high fashion and everyday street styles.

Latex costumes are easy to wear

The first thing you might notice when you put on a latex bra, pants, or full-on suit is that it’s more than easy to wear. Some might argue that it’s almost like a second skin. It has unique sensations that simply draw so many of us to it. For some, it’s the smell, while for others, it’s how it appears in dimly lit rooms. Either way, we can all agree that it’s easy to wear and combine with other clothes.

Its shiny look can work perfectly in contrast with other, more matte garments. Furthermore, you can mix it up in a more postmodern way, with classic fashion elements, and still make a unique and stylish statement about yourself. In other words, anything goes with latex. It can work as high fashion, urban street style, kink, and fetish role-playing wear — you name it.

Latex costumes adjust to skin

Another important feature of latex is that it adjusts to your skin. From head to toes, wearing it will feel like you’re naked. It’s light, and it conforms to your body and room temperature, making it perfect for any occasion. Moreover, its elasticity means that everyone can wear it. From skinny models to plus-size people, latex will wrap around anyone with ease.

On the other hand, there’s something peculiar about latex dresses. Namely, while you wear it, you might feel like the material is constantly moving across your body. It touches every pore on you, especially on your genitals. What’s more, it might feel like it’s sucking on you, making it all that much sexier than any other materials out there.

Latex costumes are affordable

Let’s be frank here — most of us don’t think about the environment and how we treat animals and trees when it comes to fashion. We tend to forget all that if something looks good and comes with a reasonable price tag attached. Luckily, when it comes to latex, you get the best of both worlds. Namely, latex is eco-friendly, but it’s also rather affordable.

Sure enough — if you’re looking to buy luxury designer clothes made from this material, you’ll need to spend lots of money. But that’s the same with every type of fabric and material used in the fashion industry. Still, if you don’t mind whether someone will notice a big sign on your clothes that says Balenciaga, you can find awesome-looking latex for a low price.

Latex costumes work with washing machines too

There’s a common misconception that you should only hand wash latex in hot water and mild soap and then rinse it well before you hang it up to air dry. Well, that isn’t necessarily true. If you attend to it the right way, you can put your latex outfit inside a washing machine like all your other clothes and have it clean in no time.

In case your washing machine has a wool weighing program, or if it’s possible for you to set its speed to 0, you can safely wash latex this way. Simply use a laundry bag and place your shiny outfit inside once you turn it inside out. By doing so, you’ll keep it safe from scrapes and scratches that occur when the inner drum of the machine begins to turn rapidly.