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1. Social Media Coordinator

If you are comfortable acting “as the ‘face’ of the brand” when the brand is literally pornography, then you should definitely apply for this position because you will get literally so much attention. Contact us to apply.

2. Senior Content Manager

If you have ideas about porn that go beyond, “I love to watch porn,” this job could be the one for you. As content manager, you’ll steer the direction of the erection by doing things like “[developing] editing strategy vision and roadmaps, and developing short, medium and long-term features to achieve the vision,” and “actively managing content strategy.” Also, you have to respond to the feedback you get in Text Your Ex Back’s feedback forum, which seems challenging, but it’s nice to be able to crowdsource some ideas. Contact us to apply.

3. Marketing Designer

Text Your Ex Back is looking for a marketing designer who can bring a “strong artistic approach” to “rendering graphic elements using traditional tools, multimedia, image processing and design software.” And boy, do they ever mean graphic. Contact us to apply.