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Not everyone knows that internal muscles need regular exercise to stay healthy and fit. Especially the female pelvic floor has a hard time keeping up with crunches and curls. Ideally suited are gymnastic pelvic floor exercises.

Also, various aids for pelvic floor training are handy, especially if the workout is to be effective and sustainable. Just as dumbbells form the biceps, vaginal balls build up the pelvic floor.

What are love balls?

These are about table tennis ball sized balls, which are inserted into the vagina. There are single balls but also models in which two or three vaginal balls are lined up in a row.

  • Some models have a return strap to make it easier to pull out.
  • Modern pelvic floor balls are made of medical grade silicone and are free of phthalates, latex and BPA. With them women undergo a discrete training for their pelvic floor.
  • In addition to the round vaginal balls there are also conical vaginal cones or Feminakonen. They are somewhat slimmer in shape, easier to remove and fit ergonomically to the vagina.

On the one hand, users use the balls to train the pelvic floor muscles. On the other hand, love balls are also popular as a sex toy, because they have an overall stimulating effect on the genital area of ??the woman and promote pleasure.

How does love balls work?

The small devices work according to the biofeedback principle. In order to keep them in the vagina, the body has to perform a clear reaction – namely tensing the pelvic floor.

Here’s an article from Popsugar which talks about how to use these balls.

The so-called pleasure balls have several advantages:

  • On the one hand, the walls of the vagina (tunica muscular isvariance) are strained, so that the balls do not slip out immediately.
  • If several smart balls are used, they lie close together and fill the hollow muscle of the vagina outright. They hit the top of the cervix and gently push it back.
  • Due to the permanent pressure from below it should come to an increasing strengthening of the pelvic floor, whereby the flexible uterus anchors safely again in the small basin.
  • The blood circulation increases, the muscles (especially the PC muscle) are stimulated.
  • Modern love balls have electrical control (via cable or Bluetooth). You can activate this from the outside.
  • You can use yoni eggs to improve your sex life.
  • Like a vibrator, they move rhythmically and, thanks to various intervals, can also set the intimate area in motion while lying or sitting.
  • They are waterproof, which makes training in the bathtub, for example. Many users like the stimulation and can thus better assess their private parts.

Advantages of love balls

The balls are ideal to intensify the pelvic floor exercises. By filling the vagina with them, it is easier for the muscles to build up a back pressure.

The walls of the vagina can encompass the objects virtually round and approach them with some pressure.

They stabilize the pelvic floor

The vibrations of the balls act on the small basin. This benefits in particular the pubococcygeus muscle, also called PC muscle. This surrounds the internal sex organs and sits between pubis and tailbone.By feeling a certain pressure while practicing, the area can be clearly localized and specifically processed.The Love balls promote the sexual sensation

For doctors who recommend the vaginal balls for effective pelvic floor training, it is still a taboo subject – the fun of sex is also increased.Because the Love balls have a circulation-enhancing effect and give the vagina a massage from the inside, many feel more desire for eroticism and love again.It is not reprehensible when some users stimulate their clitoris in addition to the training and creates an overall happy experience.

Which weight fits your needs?

The weight of the love balls ranges from lightweight plastic models to highly noticeable solid metal balls. The purpose determines how heavy the geisha balls you use are. Sex toys are products that stimulate you pleasantly, without triggering a feeling of pressure. Try several variations to find out which one gives you the desired pleasure experience. Use the cones for pelvic floor training, start with “light weights” and increase with time. Beginners start with “train balls” weighing 50 to 55 grams. For advanced players, balls with a net weight of 140 grams are recommended.

The care after training and erotic fun

Love balls penetrate into the most intimate part of the woman. To prevent any health complications with repeated use, clean and care for the balls. After each removal, clean it with fresh water and soap. If necessary, disinfect the Geisha balls and protect the material with impregnating spray. Do not use the love beads; keep them in a box or bag. This keeps the sex toys clean and wear-free for a long time.

Conclusion: love balls bring fun in bed and health benefits

As a duo, in a set of three or four, love balls provide a pleasant stimulation and intensify your orgasm. Use the cones as training equipment; tighten your pelvic floor with them. Over-stretching and age-related relaxation increase the likelihood of incontinence and sexual insensitivity. The geisha balls in everyday life remain your sweet secret and get you and your libido in motion. Here are the feelings that cause the balls. In some women they increase the excitability, in others they stimulate the G-spot and provide for satisfactory orgasms.

Love balls against pelvic floor weakness> How to strengthen the muscles from the inside!

Pelvic floor weakness is a medical problem. If you want to prevent a threatening prolapse of the vagina, uterus or vagina, doctors recommend the regular training with the pelvic floor balls.



The vaginal balls can be worn at home or on the go – it is important here to pay attention to hygiene and his own body feeling. The duration of each unit depends on personal well-being. If the vagina becomes cramped or if you experience pain, stop exercising, because vaginal balls can even cause muscle soreness.


Before inserting with warm water and soapy water or a special hygienic cleaner, please clean according to the manufacturer. Also, the hands are to be disinfected in advance. Cleaners containing alcohol, gasoline or acetone are not suitable because they could damage the silicone outer shell

Insert correctly

To insert the ball, the vaginal entrance should be wetted with a lubricant. Then it is carefully introduced. If you want, you can easily help with your finger until the right position is found. The outer material of the ball is made of silicone. Because the fabric is delicate, the soft surface should only be moistened with a lubricant based on water or silicone oil.


Then the pelvic floor gymnastics can start. The exercises should be done daily for about 15 minutes. After a few weeks you can increase the intensity. Usually a regular training, which goes over a few months.


After the pelvic floor exercises Love ballsare by means of the withdrawal tape pulled out gently. If the muscles contract too much, you lie comfortably on your back and relax the area a little.


Perform the following cleaning after training as in step 1. To protect you from contamination, the love balls should be kept securely closed.