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The Ben Wa balls are Sex toys that have passed through centuries and have not stopped satisfying ladies and damsels. For those who do not know them, Ben Wa balls or Kegel balls are sex toys made of 1 or 2 or 3 balls or even more, attached to each other to a cord. The toy is to be driven into the vagina and it is the vibrations that provide pleasure and fortify the perineum. If you want to buy some, you will need to know some tips to choose the right Ben Wa balls for you.

Know your morphology

Your purchase should not depend at all on the color of the balls, not like other sextoys, especially if you want to use it to strengthen the perineum. There are smart balls adapted to women who have never had children or those who have just given birth and want to rehabilitate their perineum. If you use these intimate toys that do not suit you, there will immediately be an impact on your body.

Know the size of the balls that suits you best

Do not think that the bigger the smart balls, the more fun there will be. If you are new to the field, try with a ball to 2,8cm in diameter. But the best is to consult your gynecologist or your midwife to know the diameter that suits you best.

silicone ben wa ball

Know the weight of the balls

Like size, it is not that the more they are heavy, the more they will be effective. The use of Ben Wa balls to strengthen the perineum is like weight training, you must use the dumbbells that suit you, which will not be too heavy for your evolution. Using smart balls too heavy will be too easy for your perineum, while the goal is to strengthen it. Start with a ball that weighs about 50gr and increase little by little at each session.

Matter is also important

Ben Wa balls can be in silicone, ABS, steel or others. Do not just be cautious about the hardness but also the ease of use. Your smart balls make direct contact with your private parts. You will need to ensure cleanliness and quality. First, they should be non-allergenic to avoid an allergic reaction. They must be smooth because the pores, the junctions of the smart balls and the cords, can be nests of bacteria. Check also the quality of the cord, it must be easily washable and especially solid for the safety and to avoid you to be in emergencies with balls of Ben Wa stuck in the crotch.

Avoid the low end

Avoid buying low-end balls at a low price. You should always focus on quality as mentioned above, smart balls should be made with smooth, non-allergenic and solid materials. The use of low-end Ben Wa balls will cost you a lot more in case of incidents. Do not deprive yourself of the best offered by well known sex toy brands.

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Ask for advice

If you ever have doubts about your choice of Kegel balls, it is best to discuss it with your midwife or gynecologist and have medical advice. You will also need to know that a good use is not acquired naturally because many factors are taken into account. Watch online or ask sellers tips to learn more about how to use them according to your expectations. As Sex toys just for fun and a reeducation tool perineum, Ben Wa balls have a remarkable efficiency. But his purchase must be thoughtful and should not be taken lightly.

The Ben Wa balls help to retrain the perineum, among others to bring, of course, intimate sensations. For this to be effective it is important to choose them well. You should be careful about inserting and removing Ben Wa balls.

Some explanations on the perineum:

The pelvic floor, another name for the perineum, is a group of muscles that support the entire lower abdomen, for the protection of the bladder, uterus and small intestine. Like all muscles, they need to be trained to stay toned and strong. Several factors contribute to the weakening of the pelvic floor, such as age, menopause, overweight, a lack of sensations during sex, some high-impact sports, uterine distention, hormonal activity, stress at work and most importantly, pregnancy and childbirth. Episodes of urinary incontinence can thus appear.

You are never too young to begin training the pelvic floor . It is worth noting that in the Far East and Northern Europe, girls learn to train their perineum very early, to reduce the risk of tearing during childbirth and to be safe from small disturbances of urinary incontinence. Ben Wa balls will be ideal for this.

You will find below some useful advice, see necessary, to train you in a very simple way, at home and in peace. Do not wait until the problem arises, because prevention is better than cure. Ben Wa balls, also known as love balls, Chinese balls or smart balls are an economical and effective aid to tone the muscles of your pelvic floor. These balls for vaginal massage, stimulate and help tone your perineum in a pleasant and discreet way. These are simple exercises that you can perform on a daily basis. Get your chinese ben wa balls here to make sure that you only purchase quality products.

Ben Wa balls: How does it work?

Ben Wa balls are in the form of spheres covered with hypoallergenic silicone and which host a second sphere inside. They must be inserted into the vagina, leaving the silicone cord outside. The balls, with the movement of your body, emit vibrations which feel or not according to the anatomies which allow the muscles of the pelvic floor to react spontaneously, with soft contractions. And it’s good here that starts the training! Ben Wa balls can be used for a few minutes or hours a day, always when you move and never when sitting.

The benefits obtained with the use of Ben Wa balls are numerous:

  • They give tonicity to the vaginal muscles after a natural delivery
  • They prevent and can solve small problems of urinary leakage, typical of postpartum
  • They improve your sexual satisfaction
  • They prevent uterine prolapsed.
  • They keep the youth of your private parts.

Ben Wa balls have been used for centuries to strengthen the muscles of the vagina and pelvic floor. If you have a pair and you do not know where to start or you do not know what to buy then experts explain how to choose the right pair of Ben Wa balls and what to do after bringing them home.

metal balls

Who can use the Ben Wa balls?

As with any exercise, some risks arise with these objects, including:

  • Overwork
  • Tear
  • Pain or discomfort

The same goes for the use of Ben Wa balls. The easiest way to minimize the risk is to make sure you are using the right size, weight and technique. Although reading the product packaging is a good starting point, you should also consult your doctor. They can offer you advice tailored to your specific needs.

You should also consult it before using this product if:

  • You are pregnant or recovering from childbirth
  • You already have pelvic pain or active pelvic infection
  • You recovered from a gynecological surgery
  • You have an intrauterine device
  • You use a menstrual cup

You are more likely to feel pain and discomfort if you use Ben Wa balls in one of these conditions. If you still want to try Ben Wa balls, consult your doctor first.